Oct 2018: International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL): Conference Workshop (Second Edition)

24-27 October 2018, 25th International Society for Quality of Life Research Conference (ISOQOL 2018). The Workshop is titled "Clinical Outcome Assessments Embedded in Mobile and Wearable Information Technologies" and is a continuation of the successful 2017 workshop titled "Designing Quality of Life-driven Mobile Information Technologies" (ISOQOL 2017).

Co-Organizers: Prof. Katarzyna Wac, Dr. Matthew Kerry (ETHZ) and Allan Berrocal (PhD student within the QoL lab)

28 February 2018


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Smartphone Interaction Study (join our mQoL Living Lab and win 50CHF)
Oct 2018: UBICOMP Workshop on Mobile Human Contributions & Special Issue of IJHCS (Elsevier)
Oct 2018: International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL): Conference Workshop (Second Edition)
Aug 2018: Open Living Lab Days #OLLD18 in Geneva!
Jun 2018: Christiana Tsiourti's PhD Defense
2018-2022: New European COST Action Accepted
May 2018: PervasiveHealth Conference and Workshops
Mar 2018: Panel at SBM 2018
Jan 2018: Digital Health Book (Finally Published!)
Nov 2017: Talk at University of Geneva Hospitals (HUG) by K. Wac: "Connect for Better Quality of Life" (Video)
2018-2021: Two New H2020 RIA Projects and a Stanford Psychiatry Grant Accepted
Oct 2017: International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL): Conference Workshop
May 2017: PervasiveHealth Conference and Workshops
Mar 2017: Special Issue of the IEEE Computer: "Quality of Life Technologies"
Oct 2016: Panel at the 'Public Health Schweiz' Symposium
Oct 2016: "QoL Vadis" Interdisciplinary Workshop
May 2016: Panel at the ITU-WHO Policy Dialogue on Digital Health
Mar 2016: Keynote at the Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Feb 2016: Mattia Gustarini's PhD Defense
Feb 2016: Talk by Anind K. Dey (CMU, USA)
Dec 2015: Talk at the Conference of International Society for Wearable Technology in Healthcare
Dec 2015: HOT-MMCS: IEEE GlobeCom Special Session
May 2015: PervasiveHealth Conference and Workshops
Dec 2014: Smartphone Interaction Study (participate by 31st Dec 2014 and win 50CHF Gift Card)
Aug 2014: UnCrowdTPG (beta) on Google Play for all!
Dec 2013: UnCrowdTPG mobile app awarded
Nov 2013: Talk at USI Lugano by Mattia Gustarini: "Ops, I wasn't supposed to share that picture!"
2013-2015: New Research Projects Accepted
Nov 2013: Special Issue in the IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Oct 2013: IEEE Healthcom Conference Tutorial
Oct 2013: IEEE Workshop on Service Science for e-Health at IEEE HealthCom 2013
Aug 2013: mQoL becomes part of ENoLL
Apr 2013: "Un bracelet qui mesure tout", Emission Radio sur RTS.ch.
Dec 2012: QoSIS demos - Check the best mobile networking option prescribed for you
Nov 2012: Seminar on Technology of Information for Geographic and Environment Research and Services
Oct-Nov 2012: User Intimacy Study in collaboration with the CMU's Ubicomp Lab in Pittsburgh, US
Sep 2012: ITU Experts Group Meeting "mHealth: Towards Better Care, Cure and Prevention in Europe"
Sep 2012: Paper presented at UbiMi workshop, co-located with the UBICOMP Conference, Pittsburgh, US
Sep 2012: Quantified Self & Quality of Life Seminar Series (#3)
Jun 2012: Papers Presented at the Mobile Data Challenge by Nokia Workshop, Newcastle, UK
May 2012-13: Nous recherchons des volontaires pour participer à l'étude mQoL
Jun 2012: "Future Internet for eHealth" Dagstuhl Seminar
May 2012: ACM SIGCHI CHI Conference Course and TUWien IGW Summercamp
Feb-Jun 2012: Recherche utilisateurs de téléphones mobiles (Android OS) pour une étude scientifique
Anytime: Looking for Mobile Phone Users (Android OS) as Study Participants
Jan 2012: Demonstration of Prototype for Indoor Positioning Based on Dead Reckoning
Dec 2011: Demonstration Video for Android-based Activity Level Estimator (ALE)
Dec 2011: NIH Mobile Health (mHealth) Winter Institute
Aug 2011: MobileHCI Conference Tutorial
May 2011: QoL at Future Internet Assembly in Budapest
Apr 2011: Tecfa Brown Bag Seminar
Feb 2011: Boursières d'Excellence
Oct 2010: ESF-COST Conference and Ambassador role
Sep 2010: BodyNets 2010