TRAIning and NUTRItion Senior Social Platform

The aim of TraiNutri is to raise consciousness about self wellness, enabling the exchange of knowledge related to physical and nutritional healthy habits. The project will help people (seniors between 50 and 65 years from both sex) to develop healthy habits (keeping them physically active and actively involved into their health maintenance) and will enable people to share and exchange healthy habits related activities, experiences and knowledge allowing them to keep and enrich their social relationships while they age in their preferred environments. TraiNutri will therefore offer services oriented to achieve:

  • A network of peers involved with the healthy living habits and goals (users and fellows, trainers, nutrition experts, etc.).
  • Healthy eating habits evaluation and support for sensible nutrition.
  • Adequate and enjoyable exercise evaluation and support for physical-mental training.

Quality of Life group contributes to TraiNutri project with its reserach on Activity Level Estimator (ALE).