MSc. Allan Berrocal
PhD student / Swiss Government Excellence Scholar
Phone : +41 22 379 02 42

Curriculum vitae

Mr. Allan Berrocal is a PhD student and Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder at the Institute of Services Science, Quaity of Life Technologies group at the University of Geneva. He completed his MSc degree in Computer Science in 2010, BSc degree in Computer Science and BA degree in English in 2003 from the University of Costa Rica). He has 12 years of software engineering experience in the banking and avionics systems industries, and has worked in the academia as researcher and professor at University of Costa Rica since 2006. As part of the QoL Lab, he is going to research context-aware computational models of stress coping enablingbto assist individuals in their efforts to handle stress and avoid manifestation of related diseases. His research will focus on machine learning and human computer interaction techniques based on data captured automatically from smartphones and other less obtrusive sources.