MSc. Christiana Tsiourti
PhD student / Assistant
Phone : +41 22 379 01 38

Curriculum Vitae

Christiana Tsiourti is a PhD student and researcher at the Institute of Service Science of the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and a member of the Swiss Doctoral School in Affective Sciences, at the Swiss Center for Affective Science (SDS-AS). In November 2016, she has been awarded a Doc.Mobility Fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation, allowing her to spend one year as a visiting researcher at the Vision4Robotics group at the ACIN Institute of Automation and Control at Vienna University of Technology (Austria). Christiana holds a Master’s (2011) and Bachelor (2009) in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus (Cyprus). Between 2011 and 2013, she continued her research activities with the Institute of Systems and Robotics and Instituto Pedro Nunes of the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. Her current research interests focus primarily on the fields of Affective Computing and Intelligent Virtual Agents and Robots. Specifically, she is particularly interested in how people interact with intelligent anthropomorphic user interfaces, what makes them accept or reject them, and how humans could create bonds with agents in order to improve their well-being. The area of Affective Computing recently started augmenting the capabilities of agents for social interaction, and computational models of emotions are central in Artificial Intelligence. Agents, being robots or virtual agents, must exhibit a certain degree of social intelligence and human-like affective characteristics in the way they manifest their awareness and react to the presence of humans. Such skills are required either for solving specific tasks, e.g. as in scenarios where agents are envisioned to assist humans, or because the agent’s primary function is to interact socially with people, e.g. acting as a social companion. Christiana’s research is mainly based on theories on human affective phenomena and empirical studies of human-agent interaction, with the aim is to transfer this knowledge into novel interaction paradigms and designs which will enable agents to establish more natural long-term relationships with humans.


  • User study "TOWARDS SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT ROBOTS : Can a robot read human emotions?", in collaboration with Vision4Robotics group, Vienna University of Technology (Austria). More information here.

Research projects

Professional Activities

Co-organization of Scientific Events

  • Workshop "Social Interaction and Multimodal Expression for Socially Intelligent Robots " (WS-SIME)in conjunction with IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication 2017 Lisbon, Portugal, Aug 2017.
  • Workshop "Affective Interaction with Avatars" at the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI 2015), Athens, Greece, Nov 2015.
  • Interactive Session "Affective Interaction with Avatars" at the Active Assisted Living Forum (AAL Forum 2015), Ghent, Belgium, Sep 2015.

Invited Talks

  • Invited speaker/Panelist at swissnexDay’16 - The Future of Ageing Talk: Affective Social Robots For Older Adults, Basel, Switzerland,Nov 2016.
  • Invited speaker/Panelist at International Symposium on Companion Technology Talk: Ambulatory Assessment of Affect by Autonomic Nervous System Activation Patterns, Ulm, Germany, Sep 2015.


  • Mobile System and Services (Spring Semester 2015), part of Master of Science in Management - Orientation Services Science)


Book Chapters

S. Hanke, C. Tsiourti, M. Sili, and E. Christodoulou, Embodied Ambient Intelligent Systems, in Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, IOS Press, 2015.

Journal Papers

K. Wac, C. Tsiourti, Ambulatory Assessment of Affect: Survey of Sensor Systems for Monitoring of Autonomic Nervous System’s Activation in Emotion, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, Special Issue: Technologies for Affect and Wellbeing, 5(3): 251-272, June 2014. DOI

J. F. Ferreira, C. Tsiourti, and J. Dias, Learning Emergent Behaviours for a Hierarchical Bayesian framework for Active Robotic Perception, Conference Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition: Space and Embodied Cognition (ICSC), Italy. Short report - In Cognitive Processing Journal, Springer, 2012.

J. Quintas, Y. Charalambous, C. Tsiourti, and J. Dias, Integration of an automatic indoor and outdoor activity monitoring with a social network, Special supplement of the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity (JAPA), Volume 20, August 2012.

Conference and Workshop Papers

C. Tsiourti, A.Weiss, Multimodal Affective Behaviour Expression: Can It Transfer Intentions?, workshop Intentions in HRI, in conjunction with HRI 2017.

C. Tsiourti, M. Ben-Moussa, J. Quintas, B. Loke, I. Jochem, J. A. Lopes, and D. Konstantas, Virtual Assistive Companion for Older Adults: Design and Evaluation of a Real-World Application, in Proceedings of SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016, September 2016, London, United Kingdom.

S. Kleanthous, C. Christophorou, C. Tsiourti, C. Dantas, R. Wintjens, G. Samaras, and E. Christodoulou, Analysis of Elderly Users’ Preferences and Expectations on Service Robot’s Personality and Appearance, in Proceedings of International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII2016), July 2016, Toronto, Canada.

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Ceringhetti, D., Kleanthous, S., Christophorou, C., Tsiourti, C., Wings, C., Christodoulou, E., Virtual Partners for Seniors: Analysis of the Users’ Preferences and Expectations on Personality and Appearance (in press), In Proceedings of Workshop and Poster Papers of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence 2015.

M. Gustarini, J. Marchanoff, M. Fanourakis, C. Tsiourti, and K. Wac, UnCrowdTPG: Assuring the Experience of Public Transportation Users, 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Smart City and Ubiquitous Computing Applications (SCUCA'14), co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (IEEE WiMob 2014), Larnaca, Cyprus, October 2014.

M. Ben-Moussa, C. Tsiourti, and M. A. Fanourakis, How Learning Capabilities Can Make Care Robots More Engaging?, Interactive Robots for Ageing and Impaired People (IRAIP2014) workshop held in conjunction with the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot And Human Interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN 2014), Edinburgh, UK, August 25 2014.

C. Christophorou, C. Tsiourti, E. Christodoulou, ICT Services and Robotics: The Social Robot solutiona, Interactive Robots for Ageing and Impaired People (IRAIP2014) workshop held in conjunction with the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot And Human Interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN 2014), Edinburgh, UK, August 25 2014.

C. Tsiourti, E. Joly, M. Ben-Moussa, C. Wings-Kolgen, and K. Wac, Virtual Assistive Companion for Older Adults: Field Study and Design Implications, 8th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth), Oldenburg, Germany, May 2014.

C. Tsiourti, K. Wac, Towards Smartphone-based Assessment of Burnout (Work in Progress), Fifth International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services (MobiCASE), G. Memmi and U. Blanke (Eds.), Springer LNICST 130, pp. 158-165, Paris, France, November 2013. DOI

K. Wac, C. Tsiourti, Smartphone Based Ambulatory Assessment of Health Risks: Literature Review, Poster at Society for Ambulatory Assessment Conference (SAA), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 2013. Poster

R. Beumers , C. Tsiourti, P. Koster, I. Olalde , E. Christodoulou, C. Windgs, S. George, Co-Living: Innovative end-user driven ICT platform for active social living, Conference Proceedings of Ambient Assisted Living Forum, September 2012, Netherlands.

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H. Aliakbarpour, P. Freitas, J. Quintas, C. Tsiourti and J. Dias, Mobile Robot Cooperation with Infrastructure For Surveillance: Towards Cloud Robotics, Workshop on Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS) in the 14th International Conference of Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP), September 2011, Spain.

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